Hillary Leech – June 13, 2001
     Jeff you're an exquisite person with a wonderful imagination. Some of my best memories are of you & me playing outside. We made up our own world were animals could talk, we'd fight against "evil" with our plastic swords protecting them. I remember how you fearlessly led our "gang" in the constant battle against Micheal Rubbin. You would come up with stratigies on how to defeat him and instructed Ashleigh and me on what to do. Once it was digging a tunnel from one side of the playground to another; the next day you'd have us digging trenches. You never gave up and stood up for what you thought, even if it meant getting beat up.
     The day I found out you were gone I could not stop thinking about you. I was going to go home and write you a letter... it turned out to be too late. I've learned to never put off to tomorrow what you can do today because the same opportunities might not be there.
     We shared so much: dyslexia, our vegitarianism, our whole outlook on life. I really wish that we had kept in touch. Our memories will always live inside me.

Carol – June 13, 2001
A beautiful tribute to a beautiful person.
     Love, Carol

hollie – June 16, 2001
     So many words, so little space.
     I just hope that Jeff knows that his memory will be preserved not just through this website, but through the memories he left in minds of many.

Jenny Loizeaux – June 18, 2001
To Uncle Tom, Aunt Victoria, Lilian and Andre,
     I love you and I am praying for you. Jeff will never be forgotten. He is a special part of our family.      Love, Jenny

mr.and mrs. yoshida – June 19, 2001
mr and mrs. loizeaux
     kanako gave us this site of memorial jeff and she gives us many good memories of your family and feels very happy of having good times there. we sincerely wish kanako to continue constant contact and talk with all of you about jeff and his hourable family members. its now rainy seanson in japan but all of our family is healthy and talk about jeff and your family which please reast assured.
     from kiyomi and shoji

Marilyn and Bill Hilgartner – June 19, 2001
Dear Victoria, Tom, Lily and Andrei,
     We'll always remember a beautiful day at Bayshore Park with Jeff, then a small boy. He was so delighted with anything of nature, from tiny insects at his feet to majestic osprey overhead. All were special to him. His innocent wonder was a joy to experience.
     Love, Marilyn and Bill

barbara gudenius – June 20, 2001
Dear Tom and Victoria,
     The page is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with everyone.
     Love to you and your family,

Juliet Peters – June 28, 2001
     I am so glad that you did this in Jeffs honor.I know that it is not only helpfull for you but also other friends and family.I will be visiting my grandmother soon and I hope to see you all and meet the new one.

Hans-Joerg Sturm, Germany – July 1, 2001
     visiting Jeff's memorial pages I am impressed about the presence of this young man - looking at the photos and especially reading his thoughts and the testimonies of his friends he became present to me. I wish I would have known him - so I will keep him in my imagination !

Dan Bock – July 3, 2001
     "The fun never ends and the party it never dies"
     —The mighty mighty bosstones
     I miss Jeff a lot. He was truely a one-of-a-kind person, and there will never be anyone quite like him.

naomi b. – October 29, 2001
jeff - a poem for you

In June, we sweat like melons
at funerals.
Our clothes are black and bored with death; we
barely comprehend it.
We are contained.
We file ourselves into rows.
My neck drips with a heavy sweetness

brings me back to days of chubby ankles
purple tights and fresh eyes
like just-opened melons.
At four, we do not see the
residual grin of the old snow
in street edges and on hills.
As I leave, my smile
caught in my mother's scarf,
you hand me something
too sticky to hold and lamplight-warm.
Honey potted in my palms,
I do not feel the dry tongue
of January
slurp my face

brings me back to funerals, to
tears that stick in eye corners and
are residual
even in lamplight.
I fall into my hollow heart,
becoming the rind, and bury you,
in my throat.

i am still a turtle on the carpets of our first grade room, but you have learned to walk on two feet.

"..when i was a youth in 1983, it was the best day of my life, had the vision...when that rhythm, it was playin on my guitar, on my guitar, i had to be there, i had to be there...and god will be singing there, and we'll be all singing." -sublime

Ethan – October 30, 2001
Every now and then I come back to look at this site, especially at times when the conflict and turmoil in the world seems about to overwhelm us all. I watch you grow up in pictures. Pudgy baby, to mop-headed child, to youthful non-conformist. In the pictures are moments where your life and my life intersected--in a family picture, or at a roadside overlook in Oregon. I read in these photos the tranquility on your face and I'm grateful that I knew you. Your tranquility, the peace with the world you practiced effortlessly...that is a great inspiration to me now. I only wish I could experience it again in life, not in pictures.

Your cousin,

Jason Loizeaux – November 2, 2001
Just wanted to drop a note and tell you our prayers are with you.

the haynie-shinnick family – January 4, 2002
even though i did not know jeff i am inspired by him. he seemed to have a special gift. his awareness and insightfulness shows in his words and that certain look of wisdom in his face. i love all his pictures and the arrangement in the album. i wish i knew him but somehow i think i do. he was such a beautiful child and now a beautiful angel. embraced by the love of Jesus our hearts are one.

debbie haynie – January 4, 2002
i love jeff's artwork. his first and foremost influnence was his family. he seems very grounded in his visions. he was a true artist and was able to reach my soul.
thanks jeff.

Tyler – February 26, 2002
Jeff was a good cousin. He will always be missed.

Lindsey Vait – May 14, 2002
i think about jeff every day. though i didn't know him well, his death has impacted my life. he was a special person and i wish i could've known him better. it's hard to think he won't be graduating with us this year.
i send out all my love to anyone who knew him.

Richard Lapka – May 14, 2002
I regret that I didn't get the chance to know you personally, but from what I have heard, you were a wonderful person! May your memory and talent forever live on in the hearts and minds of those who knew you! May you rest in peace!!:)@}-}~~

God Bless

Ariella L – May 18, 2002
I am afraid to say that I never knew Jeff when he was alive, yet I have the pleasure to know one of his friends. And just from looking at this webpage I can tell that he was such an incredible person, and I feel horrible that his life was snuffed out at such a young age. This page serves as a wonderful memory to an amazing person.

Summer – May 18, 2002
I'm sorry to hear about Jeff. I never knew him, but from looking at his pictures and reading what has been said about him, it makes me feel like I've met him before somewhere. I wish I had known Jeff, but my chances of meeting him will never come. Again I am sorry to hear about the loss of Jeff. I have to go. byebye and I know Jeff is looking down on all of you from heaven.

Thomas Gately – June 11, 2002
I lost my son also, so I know the pain you must endure. My heart goes out to Jeff's Mom and Dad, and to all those who loved him. Surely there is more to this universe than our brief stay on this planet. Being a Christian, I believe there will be a resurrection some day, and I thank God for the light that has been given to the us through Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son.

Kin Remington – August 26, 2002
The pictures and words tell of a boy whose life was so very surrounded with love, family and adventure. I can't imagine the loss you feel. Thank you for inviting me to into your life and into Jeff's life.
I will be back.

Patrick Mace – September 5, 2002
I was able to get a glimpse into the world of a person that, unfortunately, I did not really know. Losses are so heart breaking. This one seems profound. I hope things are moving well for Jeff's Mom, Dad, Lily and Andrei. This website was very moving.

Dana Fehr – December 30, 2002
     I too knew a person on this earth that was taken before their time, and walked on it as gently as Jeff. This site is truly a monument to those like Jeff, for they are few and far between. But speak with the loudest voice that is heard by many who appreciate it.
     So I wish to say that I share with you the thoughts and feelings that you have expressed here. Jeff and the person I knew are to me like angels among men.
Thank you for sharing his memory.

Fr. John Roche – January 1, 2003
To the family of Jeffrey...
     I stumbled onto this website today, the first day of the new year. My work is with youth...I am a priest and a youth minister. Thankfully, I am not involved in any of the scandals and I am saddened by all of that business.
     I don't know how I stumbled onto Jeffrey's page, but I want you to know that it has touched me deeply. How much I would have enjoyed meeting such an insightful and beautiful young man. What is there to say?
     We ministers can often say the wrong sorts of things or try to explain God. Personally, I don't think God needs my puny defense or explanation. And there are things I will never understand. I am convinced, though, that it is never his will that such tragedy takes place. I will not attempt any sort of explanation or "spiritualize" the pain and anguish you feel.
     But there is something else I believe deeply...I believe Jeffrey is alive and that he hears you.
     Oh, I could wax on and on about the theological theories and all of that, but this conviction comes from some place deeper within me! Perhaps I was meant to stumble onto this site today. Perhaps Jeffrey wanted me to so that I could assure you he is alive and waiting for you!
     This is not some pitch for faith...this is one heart speaking to another. I have attended the dying in many many circumstances over the years, and I am certain that it is not the end!
     Peace be yours throughout this year. I will pray for all of you as you continue to journey in this life missing the wonderful gift of your son and brother.
     Thank you so much for reaching out to all of us here. In some small way, Jeffrey's life has touched mine today, and for that I am grateful.

Mark B Loizeaux – January 3, 2003
I did not know Jeff, but he is family nonetheless. I came across this site by chance, but am touched by the love, caring and sense of "one with the world" that obviously runs deep in throughout our family. I am so sorry for your loss. God Bless you all.

Casey Lewinter – January 21, 2003
I went to Ruxton with jeff and we were in the same group of friends. I didnt keep in touch with him out of high school but when I heard the horrible news my heart dropped. Jeff, I know we havent talked in awhile but I miss you and won't ever forget you. God Bless.

shelby wilson – May 6, 2003
thinking about you today - happy birthday

Lily – May 6, 2003
     I haven't spoken to you in a while, but today is a day that you fill my thoughts even more. I've found you in my dreams these past few nights. I get to put my arms around you, smelling your skin and your hair on my face, feeling like a whole person again with you next to me, and unable to let you go.
     I remember the May 6th, nineteen years ago, when you were born. It was my first sleep over. But I just lay in bed at Katherine and Anna's, so excited to see my baby brother, the one I had asked Mom and Dad for. I remember sitting on the living room rug, holding you, feeling how heavy you were, and whispering secrets to you as you just looked back, listening as you always would. I remember coming downstairs on saturday mornings to find you already up, watching cartoons or eating cereal on the kitchen floor with the cats. How sometimes at the dinner table, when we were all in silly moods, you could make Mom laugh until tears streamed down her face.
     We shared our childhood together. And I guess, because it had always been that way, I was able to take you for granted. You would always be loyal to your friends, honest with yourself, passionate in your self-expression, and speak tenderly to the world around us.
     Now, as I have made it my job to take you with me as I grow up and move forwards and live my life for both of us, trying to make you proud of the things I do, I continue to be amazed at the strength it must have taken to stand, steadfast, to what you believed were unquestoinable values. You continue to teach me, Jeff. Please, as I know you will, have the patience as I learn to be strong. I only hope that I can walk as lightly and touch so many.
     Today I celebrate the time we had together and know that our souls will find each other again. I love you more than the weight of all my tears, and miss you dearly.

Dave Burke – July 12, 2003
     I have been neglecting to write anything in this for 3 years. After reading what Lily wrote, it made me want to express myself as well. Jeff to me was a brother. Many nights we spoke, looking up at the stars, wondering where we would be when we grew up. Who would have thought? And Why? I still don't understand it. I still have aches and pains in my heart and stomach when I really think about Jeff. He was my best friend. Even though a big part of me died with Jeff. I work to use his death to be extra grateful for life. I talk to Jeff when I need guidance and feel his presence in my heart. It still hurts soo much not being able to communicate with him. Death is something I still do not understand. I have memories of Jeff that are shared with few who I still talk to. Many of who I haven't seen or spoken with in years. It's frustrating to see people hesitate, like myself, to write something in this guest book. People who are very important to myself and I know, to Jeff, are not listed here. It makes me feel like the memories I have with you all didn't occur. There are so many memories it is hard to even communicate them fires, throwing rocks, skating, concerts, video games, playing music, playing in streams, swimming at beaverdam and collecting algae. What didn't we do? In short... Jeff taught me what a real friendship was. We would always drop everything for one another. I feel horrible for missing out on the last 2 years of his life because I couldn't do what I had always done. I would do just about anything to take it back. A life of being side-by side with such an individual is truly indescribable. Jeff is and was a wonderful, loving, and caring person. His type of patience and caring is something I strive for everyday.
     Jeff- I just wanted to let you know that the fact I didnít talk to you had nothing to do with any lack of love or caring. The fact is you were on my mind and in my heart constantly. If only I could go back in time. All I can do is take what I have gotten from you and contribute that to my life and the people I come in contact with. If only you knew how much you have helped me. I carry you with me wherever I go. I still listen to the music we listened to for hours, days, years. You are always in my thoughts. You will never be forgotten by me and I know you know that.

debbie shalom – December 19, 2003
Dear Victoria, Tom, and Lily,
     No words can ever express my deep sorrow at your loss. Jeff was a beautiful child who definitely made an impact during his too short time with you. Viewing his pictures, art, and thoughts helped me know the child I never met. Your website is a loving gesture to your son and his spirit. I know that nothing will ever heal this wound, but comfort yourselves with knowing that his smile, joy, and creation of beauty is immortal and still walks upon the earth.

Mike Keelty – December 29, 2003
Tom, thank you so much for showing me the way to this website. Jeff was only here for a short time. Despite this he obviously made an incredible impression through his artwork, photography and music. A website such as this is really an inspiration.
Thanks Again

marco praiola – January 11, 2004
I have no words...just sadness.

Anna Loizeaux – January 21, 2004
     For the last 3 years I have wanted to write my thoughts on this page, but have hesitated with every word. Jeff's death was so hard for me. It doesn't make sense. I will now let some thoughts, and tears, flow about my favorite cousin.
     Elizabeth's birthday party where everyone could make their own small pizza, Jeff used so many pieces of hotdog on his pizza that you couldn't see the cheese. I recorded a tape of the party calling Jeff "crazy" while you hear him in the background making all kinds of noises. I give him the microphone to record something and he sings, "You gotta rock n, roll down the hero street, yow! You gotta rock n, rock n, rock n, roll. Rock n, roll. Yeah dude!" And he giggles as he gives the microphone back to me.
     Thanksgiving dinners, Jeff always sitting by Lily's side, a volcano of mashed potatoes piled on his plate, gravy spewing out of the top. He would put the potatoes in his mouth and squeeze them out between his teeth with his tongue, everyone complaining in disgust, Jeff continuing because a few like Lily and I were laughing at him. As Jeff got older, he still liked to sit next to Lilly. He had better table manners now and would sit quietly, but laughing uncontrollably and any joke that was said. His laughing made me laugh every time.
     Most of my memories of Jeff are from when he was younger, and I cherish every one of them. I wish so hard that Jeff could be alive today, I could get to know him better in his later years, and we all could see what Jeff would grow up to become. After Jeff's death, I have learned the value of life. It is a valuable lesson, but I would trade it in a second if it could bring Jeff back.
     Jeff, I think about you all of the time. You are greatly loved and missed. Thank you for so many memories, and so much inspiration in my life. You won't be forgotten.

Joe – May 10, 2004
I saw the memoriam in the Baltimore Sun. Looked him up online. This is a nice tribute. God Bless you. Joe

Dan Bock – August 18, 2004
Its been over 4 years now since the tragic accident. I think about Jeff everyday. Recently, I came across a demo tape that him and I recorded while in our band, Double Vision. Although I had only logged a few months with the band, we had time to record quite a bit of material, mostly reggae in nature, but some punk. Anyhow,I was playing the tape, and the songs that Jeff was ablt to pen were simply phenomenal. There are still hours of music, Jeff recorded solo and with the band, that are sitting in the basment studio. It still hurts to think that someone that was such a wonderful person could be taken from all those who loved him. After that accident, any other band I would play in, I would always feel Jeff's presence behind me. There is no doubt, that although i only knew Jeff for 2 years, he left an indeleble mark on my life, my music, and my out look. He was truely a one in a kind person, and no one can possibly replace him. The world is a lesser place without him. To the Loizeaux family, you are still in my thoughts to this very day. I had nothing but love and admiration for Jeff, and that has not died. The best thing to say about this was said by Charles Dickens - "Reflect upon your present blessings - of which every man has many - not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some." Although it is a tragedy that we are left without the presence of Jeff, we should draw from his inspiration for the future, and reflect on the positive times we've had with him. I loved Jeff as my friend, and I still love him. He was a great person.

Judy Reilly – October 26, 2004
Thinking about you every day. The website is stunning, like all of you.

Lauren – November 18, 2004
How do I begin to thank you, Jeff. I have started this letter, what feels like billions of times. I just returned from a visit with Lily, and I have waited far to long to express these thoughts. That horrible day, when Nancy called me at work, I broke down instantly. I was amazed how fast the tears and the pain came. There was no need for the impact to set in. I didn't even have the time to hang up the phone after telling her I was on my way up the hill before the tears were falling, and I was doubled over in pain. I come to this from a different place then the rest of the people mourning you. I wish I could have been on Reisterstown Road that day. I wish I could have been there to help you. I have been an EMT for years and in school everyone tells you that you never want to have to "work on" anyone you know. Maybe that is true in general, but I would have given anything to have been there. Anything to know that everything that could have been done was done, and to know that I could have talked to you and explained to you what was going on, and not to be afraid, that I was there. I know you would have heard me. I almost gave up on my participation in the fire service after you left us. I had always thought it was fun, and had always been very good at it, but after people I trained with couldn't save you, I lost faith. I became less confident, less enthusiastic. Then one day your dad pulled me aside outside the kitchen by the sideboard were he puts the roses and champagne for their anniversary every year, and told me that he hoped I would continue to do the good and hard work that I was doing to help other people. He said that he saw in my some great strength and that he thought I was very good at helping other people. At a time when I felt helpless and useless those were the words I had needed to hear. I have always felt so honored to be so welcomed by your whole family. You have the most amazing parents, and the most amazing sister. The people we chose to surround ourselves with, the people that we chose to make a family out of, shape who we are. You couldn't have picked a better family if you had all the choice in the universe. You came into that family just as you were supposed to, it was were you were meant to be. Any family that you could learn from, and who learned from you, are people I want to have as part of my life. Someday, I hope I can truly incorporate everything that you taught us, and everything that they have taught me, and that I can do some good with it. As Lily has been my best friend, my sister since we were very young, and as your family has been my second home, so you were and always will be my little brother too. The greatest thing we have in this world, the thing that matters the most, are the people you can consider family. I am so glad to say that all the people at 2223 are my family. Oh Jeff, they miss you so much, we all miss you so much, there is noone who knew you who isn't changed by that fact. So Thank you jeff, for teaching them, and thank you for letting them love you so much that they are better people for it. Thank you for being exactly who you were and exactly who you were supposed to be. Thank you for reminding everyone to (as Lily's mirror now reads) HOLD EVERYTHING! Thank you for allowing me to learn from both your life, and from your passing. I am sorry that I couldn't have been there that day. Know that you are always in my heart, and always have been.

amanda – December 6, 2004
your son seemed to inspire a lot of people and was very smart and inteligent, if only i could have known him. amanda 17

Mary Bean – January 17, 2005
I stop by this site from time to time to remember Jeff and his family and friends who loved him so. I will always remember Jeff's descriptions of riding in the car with his grandmother Charlotte and stopping at every yard sale on the route... small treasures. There are some Loizeaux birthdays coming up soon - best to all.

Carolyn Charter – January 25, 2005
Dear Tom and Victoria and Lily,
     Although I never knew Jeff, learning of his passing away affected me greatly. It reminded me heavily how transitory everything is. How we must choose what to value and love, and follow through. Some of my babies also died before I had a chance to fully love, fully value.
     I cannot give you what I would wish to do. I would wish to love you to the point of your knowing how valuable you all are, and how valuable Jeff is, and how wonderful you are. But I send my love, nonetheless.
     love, Carolyn Charter-Orr. Remembering you all as I live as a Canadian permanent resident in Costa Rica.

Justin Price – March 28, 2005
I remember Jeff, even though I never knew him very well. I was in several classes with him, including a social studies course. We attended the class in a small trailer outside the main school. Thats where I was when I first heard the news of his death. The teacher was crying as she made the announcement to the class that Jeff was hit by a car during the night before. And not long after that day, the memorial bench was placed at the end of the front parking lot, behind the McDonalds where students would gather and smoke every morning. That was five years ago and even now I remember how sad everybody was. I'm glad that somebody has made this memorial site for Jeff. I wish his family and friends well.

Richard Chisolm – April 9, 2005
It's all about love. Yours for him and his for a life filled with it. A very beautiful tribute and an inspiring record. The images of Jeff are a plea for us not to waste time.

Mark Raudonis – April 9, 2005
Tom & Victoria,

What a wonderful website! Thank you for inviting me to share it. Although I'd only met Jeff briefly over the years, after browsing this site, I feel like I now have a complete picture of him. Many of the photos are outstanding! Of course, I'd expect that considering the photographer! Viewed as a group though, your love and care for Jeff comes shining through.

My thoughts are with you.


Justin Price – April 10, 2005
I never knew Jeff that well, but I still remember him. I wish the best for his family and friends.

Tyler – February 20, 2006
I remembered of this site's existence as I was working on something tonight. I flipped through the guestbook entries, saw many eloquent responses, and then saw my two-sentence entry. An entry with the perspective of a 12-year-old, an entry with little grasp of how much Jeff meant to so many people. I can only dream of what might have become of him had his life not been so abruptly snatched away. We miss you, Jeff.

Gregory Rowan – September 9, 2006
I went to middle school with Jeff and even though I had heard what had happened I never let my self truely believe. But now I guess I have to accept it. Jeff was a good person and a good friend and I will forever miss him.

Christelle Loizeaux – September 10, 2006
I am from France, maybe an cousine and I am sorry to learn that during my seek.   -christelle

D. Kent – November 20, 2006
Life is about looking. Came across this beautiful site when I did a search for Paul Strand. I am an artist, photographer, mother of a wonderful 24 year old son. I cried when I looked.

Ashley – November 30, 2006
I can't tell you how moving this page is. I just thought that it should be said: That not only is it a great thing to keep this page up in his honor, but also to keep others aware of this young man's remarkable journey through life. This page is so touching and you should be so proud of what he is continuing to do for people who see this page.

Cathy – December 5, 2006
I know your pain. I lost my son, Spencer, December 16, 2003. Our sons had A LOT in common, could have been "two souls in a pod". Grace and peace to all family and friends.

Kenny Klompus – January 20, 2007
Jeff- spoke with your Dad this past week of your passing. Receive him in peace.

Tim Wolfe – January 22, 2007
Aloha from Maui. I am extremely saddned to learn of the death of my friend Tom Loizeaux. Lord willing he and his son will link their souls in a peaceful place.

Michele Simon – February 9, 2007
Ive been thinking about Jeff and his family lately. Especially since i heard about the passing of Tom. I just know that they're up there together–finally. I love you Jeff.

Sarah Graham – February 13, 2007
Lily & Mrs. Loizeaux,
No family should have to go through this twice. I find peace in knowing that two people so connected, beyond even the father son bond, are now together again. At least I take some comfort in that. I hope you will also.

Mitzi – April 10, 2007
God Bless & beautiful art!

Christelle Loizeaux – June 4, 2007
pour devenir un saint,
comment le savoir?
ne plus qu'à aller voir,
être un fidèle ami,
une vocation infinie,
de la terre au ciel,
ne plus qu'être fidèle,
et aimer et aimer,
partagé son ainé,
discuter avec les yeux,
toucher ses voeux,
partager ses larmes,
celui qui abrite les cieux,
aussi chaleureux,
aussi étrange que le coeur,
là où l'on ne compte plus les heures,
là où dort une rivière céleste,
son corps leste,
je le cherche, il me cherche,
trouve un moine,
et parles le lui de pureté,
n'économise pas tes silences,
soit un ange timide,
et le chemin continu
il suffit de le regarder
pour devenir un saint

Dan Bock – November 8, 2007
I can't believe its been seven years since Jeff left us. I remember playing drums in Double Vision with Jeff. I still have the 'demo' tape we all made together, and I listen to it every so often, and I feel happy and proud to have been part of Jeff's creative experience. I miss Jeff more than words can describe. To the Loizeaux family, I will remember you all, always and forever. Jeff, you will always be my friend. Forever.

Vicki Billings & Doug Neill – December 31, 2007
A loving tribute from loving parents. Simply beautiful.

Cassandra – December 10, 2008
I didn't know your son...and came across this website by pure chance; but it's apparent he was a beautiful person. Heaven's gain.

Dan Bock – December 11, 2008
I still miss Jeff. I have the very last cassette we recorded with the band 'Double Vision'. I wish you guys had some of them on the site in MP3 format. I still listen to the tape every now and then. I do miss him. . . .

Melissa Calambro – April 29, 2009
Jeff, I never met you but I am drawn back to this site as your birthday approaches. I have a wonderful 13 yr. old son and I can't imagine losing him. You were wonderful in life; May your family find comfort in that, and the fact that you will all be together in time. Our hearts are with them.

Victoria – May 6, 2009
You are lost to us forever, and yet this spring I find you everywhere.
I find you climbing up in your favorite dogwood,
examining the worms on the sidewalk after a rain,
crouched by the pond with your fishing net.
A single yellow tulip bloomed in the back garden by your chair.
I find you in the way your cousin laughs, the shape of a brow
In the blond hair of a stranger.
I find you in my dreams--
a baby in my arms,
a funny curious boy,
a beautiful young man, it is you.
I kiss you and love you.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.

Lindsay Gaister – October 30, 2009
It's been 11 years since the last time I saw you in Middle School, but I was thinking about you today and wishing you were still with us. I hope your family and friends are all doing well and you are watching over all of us. We miss you.

Victoria – May 6, 2010
To my beautiful boy,
I love you and miss you with all my heart. I know Dad is with you.

Lindsey Vait – June 4, 2010
10 years is a long time. but i still remember jeff's smile, and the little bit that i knew him. but most of all, today i've been thinking about the impact that he had on my life. in knowing him briefly and in the effect his death had on me. i will never forget him.

i consider it an honor knowing i got to have a few conversations with jeff. that i was able to see his light shining so bright. and though we weren't close by any means, he changed my life.

Silvia – December 15, 2011
Greetings: I found this site while I was looking for another. Jeff was a talented young man. His work and photos are very touching. I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers.

Michele Simon – March 15, 2012
You came into my mind today...cannot believe it's been 12 years. The time has flown by. I think about what you would be like today and I actually said to myself, "Jeff would be the same person he was 12 years ago". You were such an established soul even back then when we were young. Miss you - Never forgotten.

Lindsey Vait – November 10, 2012
     I wanted to share something. I got a tattoo around 10 years after Jeff's death. It says "I won't regret having that part of you forever part of mine." You see, I didn't know Jeff all that well. He was in some of my classes and we spoke a few times, and shared a few stories. I doubt if he really knew me, but his death impacted me in a very profound way. It still does. People ask me about my tattoo a lot, and after reading it, they usually ask what it means. Here's what it means to me:
     You can't regret knowing anyone, no matter if the experience was good or bad. That interaction helped to shape who you are, and you shouldn't regret who you are. People will come in and out of your life, and no matter how long they stay or how short a time they were there, it helped you to become you.
     I recently explained this interpretation to a receptionist at the salon where I go after she read my arm. She was close to tears, and I told her I'd bring the whole poem the next time I was in, if she was interested.
     A month or so later, when I came in, she greeted me and said that she had already shared that quote with many of her friends and that she and a few of them had it framed in their houses. She loved the whole poem as well.
     I was just thinking about the power of Jeff. He reached a very deep part of me when I barely knew him, and now, over ten years after he has been gone, he is still profoundly affecting people. I suppose it doesn't surprise me all that much, his soul shined much brighter then most.
     Take care,

David Burke – January 24, 2015
     My dearest friend. I think about you so often...still seems fresh even though its almost 14 years later. And when I think of everything, I know that our lives would still be so closely bonded if you were here. Regardless, you are always with me....and with all that loved you dearly. We carry you...through our lives and with us always. Nothing can break that or penetrate your life being permanently imbedded and intertwined with ours. I will never stop reaching out or trying to talk to you...because I know you will always forever be there and be a part of me...and also will have forever taken a part of me with you. A part which I would gladly give for even a small piece of the time I had with you when you were here. I believe those who loved you would all gladly give you our love to take with you....there is so much of it.
     As I have trudged on and tried to find why we are here....and why such beautiful people can be lost so quickly or easily....
     I have come to only this....that life is meaningful only when you make the best out of it...and give the most love you can...and never hold back from the things that give you joy and inspiration. Knowing you well, I know you would certainly be the first one to tell us all to fight for what you loved and believed in. I carry you and your Dad with me always...and sending my love to radiate across to you in this universe...

Victoria Crenson – May 6, 2020
Tucked away in
an old egg carton
a dozen beeswax figures—
tiny lizards, ducks,
a spotted salamander,
dolphins and turtles
proof of your being,
of your sweet soul
and the warm hands
that formed them.
And today the wood frogs
quack from your pond
celebrating another spring
unfolding, laying globs
of eggs for another circle
empty of you.


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